Students Speek

Mr. Bhupendra Rao ( iPhone )

I joined Magneto Academy four month back, and life has been quite good since then. The training Institute provides me good knowledge and I get a chance to enhance my skill-set every day.

Magneto staffs are very supportive, and working with them is a matter of sheer delight. It is said that a person can give the best output when he is happy, and I feel the study atmosphere here is pleasant and congenial enough to keep me happy and vibrant. Responsibilities are there, but I also get the necessary bandwidth to take care of personal matters.

All in all, I am very much satisfied with my training.

Mr. Ashish Shah

This is the single training institute in Pune that comes close to having breadth and depth that the magneto academy is doing for the revolution in mobile technology and services. This institute is one of the most successful centers for learning mobile technology. This academy is fulfilling all the aspects of training academy by providing competitive and healthy atmosphere among the student. The most essential part of magneto academy is that the teaching approach is practical oriented by which a students feel like, they are working in a reputed MNC’s.

Mr. Neerendra kumar sahoo

The academy provides the best technical skills on iPhone, android, iPad & tablet applications. The academy not just gives lectures or teachings but they provide the actual corporate trainings on the latest mobile application programs.

The academy also provides the trainings on confidence building and placement related activities. It provides the complete package that how trainee gets industrial trainings with that how to get job on those industries.

Mr. Gurvinder Singh

Magneto fulfills all the requirements that a training academy should have. The best think I experienced was that I was able to think over various ideas regarding projects, which I couldn’t think before due to not having proper knowledge in any field. Magneto not only trains in technical perspective, but also in management terms which helps not us only in getting a job, but also securing it. It’s a complete training academy, just like any I.T firm should have.

Mr. Mahesh Baligar

My experience with MTA has been a journey of knowledge. The learning experience was great, as the faculty seemed to be of good quality and had a great understanding of the subject and the format in which it had to be put across to the students. I met a lot of very interesting people at MTA who were extremely passionate about the field. My experience with MTA is a life time experience."

Mr. Jyotiprakh

After joining MTA I am capable to develop own iPhone application A great training with the following features which were superbly combined Sufficient Information,Professional trainer,Good teaching material,Great exercises,Lots of fun.Super infrastructure and service.

Ajit Satarkar

I have joined MTA in 5th sept. 2011 and completed my course of 6 month period as commented at the time admission I got complete iPhone training and worked on 2 live projects. I am completely satisfied with MTA training. Thank you.

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