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HTML5 Application Development

HTML or Hyper Text Mark Up Language is the backbone for the World Wide Web and is well known as the core technology of the internet. While much can be done using just HTML5, a combination of HTML5/CSS3 and JavaScript are effective in developing mobile applications and other IT fields. Mobile platforms like Windows 7, Android and iPhone have been using the combination to develop their applications. Majority of the native features like camera, contacts, accelerometer, GPS etc are a few of the tools that use HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript. While HTML5 offers the content and structure, CSS3 adds style and JavaScript interacts with the HTML5 structure to complete the whole process.

HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript Course

Scope after Completing HTML 5/CSS3/JavaScript Course

After completing HTML 5/CSS3/JavaScript online course from Magneto Training Academy you can seek opportunities with corporate establishments and IT companies. You will be absorbed easily for the post of Developer, programmer or consultant as per the requirement. You can, alternatively start your own consultancy and work for various organizations as a freelance contractor.

Eligibility to Join HTML 5/CSS3/JavaScript Course

Candidates willing to join this course must have at least 6 months of programming experience. This course is specifically designed for those who are interested in developing applications using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. The candidates must possess experience and knowledge in web applications and writing simple JavaScript code, creating Windows Client Applications and hands on experience in using Visual Studio 2010 or 2012. However in exceptional situations people with relevant work experience and knowledge with shortfall of any of the conditions might be considered for the course.

Benefits Offered by Magneto Academy

Print Course material and software
Practical and classroom sessions
Soft skills training
Opportunity to work for a real time HTML 5/CSS3/JavaScript project and get involved in the project phases
Regular tasks and practical sessions
Job placements with leading companies

Course Details

Modules Topic Description
Module 1 HTML5 Overview
  • A platform for Web Development
  • Backward Compatibility
Module 2 Structure Of HTML5
  • HTML5 Syntax
  • HTML5 Attributes
  • HTML5 Events
  • HTML5 Web Forms 2.0
  • HTML5 MathML
Module 3 HTML5 Web Storage
  • Session Storage
  • Local Storage
  • Delete Web Storage
Module 4 HTML5 Web SQL
  • The Core Methods
  • Opening Database
  • Executing queries
  • INERT Operation
  • READ Operation
  • Final Example
Module 5 HTML5 Server-Sent Events
  • Web Application for SSE
  • Server Side Script for SSE
  • Handle Server-Sent Events
Module 6 HTML5 Web Socket
  • Web Socket Attributes
  • Web Socket Events
  • Web Socket Methods
  • Web Socket Example
Module 7 HTML5 Canvas
  • What is Canvas?
  • Canvas Co-ordinates
  • Fallback content
  • Working with Canvas(path, Lines, Bezier, Quadratic, Images, Colors, Fonts, Shadow, Translation, Rotation)
Module 8 HTML5 Audio & Video
  • Embedding Video
  • Video Attribute Specification
  • Embedding Audio
  • Audio Attribute Specification
  • Handling Media Events
  • Configuring Servers for Media Type
Module 9 HTML5 Geolocation
  • Geolocation Methods
  • Location Properties
  • Handling Errors
  • Position Options
Module 10 HTML5 Drag and drop
  • Drag and Drop Events
  • The Data Transfer Object
  • Drag and Drop Process
Module 11 HTML5 Web Workers
  • What is Web Workers?
  • How Web Workers Work?
  • Stopping Web Workers
  • Checking for Browser Support

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