BlackBerry Training Course

BlackBerry Application Development

Web technology and Mobile phone applications are the leading industries that offer financial and career growth. Though considerable experience can gain you good opportunities in popular companies and firms, one must have an authorised certification to get the best benefits out of his or her profession. Mobile applications, though sounds simple is a complex industry that has several streams. Each stream requires specialization and expertise. Online Blackberry courses are one of the best ways to get trained and certified in your dream profession. The online training teaches the candidates to use and manage the advance capabilities and features of Blackberry phones and software.

Scope of Blackberry Certification Course

A certification in Blackberry applications can boost up the chances of your profile getting viewed by the top notch companies. It will not just validate your skills and level of knowledge in the specific niche but also help you to stay apart from the competition in the world of mobile applications and devices. After completion of the Blackberry training one can join any reputed company as a certified Blackberry specialist, solution Blackberry designer, Blackberry system administrator or in any other relevant posts.

Eligibility /Requirements for Blackberry Online Courses

Anyone interested in mobile applications can take up this course. However this course is for graduates and Diploma holders from technical and science backgrounds with some experience in Blackberry devices and internet service environment. Magneto Academy offers Blackberry courses to candidates from various backgrounds and knowledge levels. Choose the course that suits your requirement and get certified today!

Benefits Offered by Magneto Academy

Print Course material and software
Concept of Mobile applications
Practical and classroom sessions
Soft skills training
Opportunity to work for a real time Blackberry/mobile application project and get involved in the project phases
Regular tasks and practical sessions
Job placements with leading companies

Course Details

Modules Topic Description
Module 1 Introduction of Blackberry
  • Introduction of Blackberry Operating System
  • Life Cycle of Blackberry
  • Installation details
  • Introduction to Development Environment Setup
  • Components of Blackberry Hello World Application
Module 2 Creating Basic GUI
  • Buttons
  • Check boxes
  • Drop-down lists
  • Labels
  • Lists
  • Option buttons
  • Search fields
  • Spin boxes
  • Text fields
  • Tree views
Module 3 Custom GUI development
  • Use of Font
  • Custom Field
  • Custom Manager
Module 4 Data Storing
  • Persistence store
  • SQLite database
  • File System
Module 5 Menus
  • Implementing Menus
  • Context Menus
Module 6 Utility And Legacy classes
  • Displaying images
  • Zooming and panning images
  • Displaying information on screen temporarily
  • Fetching user location
  • Location API
  • Displaying Maps
  • GPS implementation
Module 7 Location Based services
  • Fetching user location
  • Location API
  • Displaying Maps
  • GPS implementation
Module 8 Networking
  • Interaction with wireless services
  • Web services implementation
Module 9 Sounds and Video
  • Creating Application which implements the audio and video functionality
Module 10 Packaging and publishing your app on BlackBerry World
  • Procedure to Publish an app to blackberry appstore

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